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The Grand Rapids 3 Gun Program will stage 3 Gun Matches all summer. Image result for 3 gun competition

If you want to try this fun and challenging shooting sport, here's your chance.  3 Gun involves using a semi automatic pistol, a semi automatic shotgun and a semi automatic rifle for different shooting stages.  Safety is the most important goal, and you need to understand how to handle these firearms safely.  

You'll need to bring your own pistol, hip holster and ammunition.  If you don't have a rifle or shotgun, loaners will be available. If you need to borrow a long gun, you still need to supply your own ammo.  For information on what else may be required, see our Action Pistol equipment list.   Competitive shotguns have tubular magazines that hold about 9 rounds, and stages are designed so that you will have to reload.  Competitive rifles are magazine-fed AR-15s or similar rifles, and again, stages are designed so that you will need to load new magazines.

Shotgun and pistol shooting distances are relatively close.  Some of the rifle shooting is also close, but some is up to 300 yards.Image result for 3 gun competition

Plan on up to 50 rounds of shotgun, up to 100 rounds of pistol and up to 100 rounds of rifle.  

Shotgun ammo needs to be lead shot, between #6 and #8.  12 gauge is normal.  Using small lead shot avoids ricochets, and using a 12 gauge makes it more likely that you'll knock over heavy steel targets to earn a score.

Pistol ammo should be normal target ammunition. 

Rifle ammo can NOT be steel-core metal penetrating.  If you need to borrow a rifle, expect an AR-15 class rifle.  Bring either .223 or 5.56 x 45mm ammunition.  The ammunition to avoid is U.S. M855 (green tip), also known as NATO SS109.  These rounds have steel cores which will ruin the club's steel targets.  We will check your ammo with magnets.  You should too.

Questions?  Please contact Nathan Mahoney at (218) 256-7007.

The cost is $20.

The range is reserved beginning at 8 for setup.

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