Itasca Action Pistol

Itasca Action Pistol is a challenging and enjoyable scenario-based shooting experience, where competitors are challenged to hit a variety of target types within a set time. This is similar to International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) or International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) events.

We however, get by without the big rule books, governing bodies, controversy, national events and most importantly, a lot of cost. This is a weekly event that does not require a weekly commitment; come when you can!


While pure shooting enjoyment is the overriding reason most participate, important skills are developed especially for those with concealed carry permits. Many if not most of our shooters, men and women alike, have never participated in any organized shooting activity before and often see improved results weekly. All are surprised at how your brain goes “deer in the headlights” the first time the beeper goes off to start your run.

Most of us go to the range to practice and to hone our proficiency.  Action Pistol is gratifying because you can improve your shooting skills with a group of friendly, supportive people.  Action Pistol helps identify weak or rusty skills, and provides enough practice that you'll see improvement in the normal course of shooting.  Everyone is expected to act safely and support others in doing the same.

Most scenarios begin with a draw from your holster and require proper use of cover, transitions between multiple types of targets and shooting positions, reloading your pistol and accuracy.  

All of this is done while on the clock and keeping a cool head, remembering proper tactics and threat awareness, and most importantly and at all times, SAFELY HANDLING FIREARMS.


Observers are always welcome! If you are interested but have not participated in anything like this before we strongly recommend you come on out and observe. Bring your equipment just in case - most that come out to observe end up wanting to try. No matter what, remember to bring your eye and hearing protection.  Target selection is often limited to what we have available when we are loading the cars to go to the range.  You are welcome to help think up scenarios for each evening.

Itasca Action Pistol events will be held at the new outdoor range, from May 10th through September 13th in 2018.  The new outdoor range will be closed from 3:30 PM to dark to accommodate Itasca Action Pistol.

The Safety Briefing begins at 5:15, be there around 5 to be ready.


List of required equipment to participate


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