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Join or Renew NRA membership through the Itasca Gun Club!

If you join NRA or renew your membership in the NRA with the link below, NRA will pay a commission to our gun club.  For each membership/renewal of one, three or five years, IGC will be credited with a commission of $12.00 for a new member and $6.00 for a renewal.  Signing up for an NRA Life Membership brings a commission of $25.00. 

And for any level of joining or renewing, you get a black and gold NRA hat!  

In these uncertain times, adding membership to the NRA adds to the voice we have at a national and local level in the effort to protect our gun rights.  Gun owners should be members, to help increase our strength. 

  • You can join NRA or renew an NRA membership
  • Anyone who would like to help the club can join - you do not have to be a member of IGC to use this system to return a commission to the club.  Anyone can join from this page.
  • The link below will take you to the NRA website, where you can use a credit card to make a payment.  The page does not mention the IGC, but the fact that you got there from this link is what enables the commission.

The rates are:

1 year - $30, regularly $45

3 years - $85, regularly $100

5 years - $100, regularly $150

Life - $1,000, regularly $1,500

Join or Renew NRA membership thorough IGC    

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