Pistols and Coffee

The general public and Itasca Gun Club members are welcome to participate every Wednesday and Friday in the popular winter indoor shooting program, “Pistols and Coffee”.  Shooting is conducted at IGC’s indoor range located on County Road 61, (Grand Rapids - Coleraine cut across).  Get out of the cold and do some indoor shooting, or just enjoy the social gatherings these mornings.  You'll find a broad depth of experience if you have questions about shooting techniques and skills, how to choose a firearm to purchase, ammunition, cleaning and other issues.

The door opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 1:00 PM. The cost is $2.50 per day, or you can buy a season pass for $20, which includes open range Monday evening, Wednesday morning and Friday morning. 


Qualified supervisors are on hand to provide safe, friendly shooting along with a bottomless cup of coffee and some of the latest news off the street.  Eye and ear protection is provided along with targets.  We provide ear plugs only, so if you want to use earmuffs, you need to bring your own.


The indoor range is limited to moderate power handguns, or .22 rimfire rifles.  No magnum loads.  The indoor bullet backstops cannot handle the heavy loads of centerfire rifles and magnum pistols.  This is the place to shoot .38 Special ammunition from your .357 magnum.

The indoor range/classroom is located at the intersection of Itasca County 61 and Itasca County 325.  For internet mapping, use the address of 28006 Arbo Rd, Grand Rapids. 

Wednesdays Roger Morrill.  rwmorrill2@gmail.com 

Fridays Bob Mrowiec.   loonlake@paulbunyan.net 

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