Open Range - Indoor Winter Shooting


Monday night Open Range has been a popular winter activity for those who can only find time to shoot in the evening.  In the winter, this range is normally open for use Monday nights, for members and the general public, from 5 PM to 8 PM. 

Itasca Gun Club volunteers are running this program.  The cost is $2.50 per person per night, or $20 for a season pass, which includes open range Monday evening, Wednesday morning and Friday morning.  There will be at least one Range Safety Officer (RSO) there each night to supervise.  We can open the range because members are willing to volunteer their time to open the building and range and oversee the evening.  Contact information for each night's RSO is in the link on the calendar.  

Once a year, anyone who shoots at our ranges must sign a waiver form, so plan for that if you've not signed one in the last year.  

You can ask to help from the volunteers on site, who are willing to assist, though we do not yet have coaching staff available yet.  

Check the calendar for range hours.  There are seven lanes for shooting.


The indoor range is limited to medium - low power handguns or .22 rimfire rifles.  No magnum loads.  The indoor bullet backstops cannot handle the heavy loads of centerfire rifles and magnum pistols.

The indoor range/classroom is located at the intersection of Itasca County 61 and Itasca County 325.  For Internet mapping, use 28006 Arbo Rd, Grand Rapids. 


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