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It would be great to have you join us!

If you like the idea of having an accessible, quality gun range in Northern Minnesota with indoor & outdoor ranges, firearm training classes for all ages and a fun set of competitive shooting programs and events, please consider joining.

For the price of an hour or two of shooting at a range in the Twin Cities ($35), you get an annual family membership to use the outdoor range.  If you're over 60 years old, the same membership is only $23.  Family includes spouses and children.

Many of our shooting programs are open to the general public, including both outdoor and indoor shooting.  But membership gets you access to the outdoor range year-round during daylight hours.  The only timing restrictions on using the outdoor range are previous reservations, and those are kept up to date on the Club Calendar.

To join the Itasca Gun Club or pay for renewal, you can use a credit card and the Pay Now button below, and you need to fill out and mail in our Membership Application Form.  Or, you can print out our Membership Application Form, fill it out and send 

it in with a check.  As soon as you join, you'll receive an email with the combination to the padlock at the outdoor range gate. 

Here's how to download or print your membership card

If not reserved, the outdoor range is open to registered members and their families, year-round during daylight hours.  

You may also renew membership or join Itasca Gun Club by signing up at Glenn's Army Navy store in Grand Rapids.

We are an all-volunteer non-profit club.  Any work done to develop and maintain our facilities and the indoor and outdoor ranges is done by volunteers.  

We ask that all members plan to donate 5 hours of work per year, or pay a $25.00 in lieu of service fee.  There's a list of work ideas on our Projects Page.  Work donated by members also makes it easier to get development grants, as the work is considered an in-kind donation.  There's a time log sheet on the Projects page, and you can print it out and keep track of your hours.


As a member, if you have ideas or want to run special shoots or competitions, we'd like to know about it.  Members have added regular competitions or once-a-year shoots to commemorate historical firearms use, such as the monthly 100 Year Old Rifle match, a December 16th Battle of the Bulge match, a winter match to commemorate Simo Häyhä and the Finnish resistance against Russia, a D-Day match June 6 and a WWI commemorative match October 6th.   

Here's a copy of our club brochure.

Here's how to download or print your membership card

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Mailing Address - PO Box 201, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Clubhouse / Training Classroom Address - 10000 Arbo Road, Grand Rapids, 55744

New Range Address - 28716 Prairie Lake Road, Grand Rapids, 55744

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