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Itasca Gun Club Special Events

These special events are open to all, both members and the public.  Most of them are one-day events and can be found on the calendar.  Any special events that we hold are due to the work of interested and dedicated volunteers.  

D Day Match - This is a competitive match to commemorate D Day and those who fought in the invasion.  It's held on the Sunday nearest D Day.  There are two actual matches, the morning match using bolt action wood stocked military rifles pre-1950.  The afternoon match is for wood stocked military autoloading rifles.  The courses of fire are listed on the calendar and on our D Day page.  

This is a social event as well as a match, and anyone willing to display WWII equipment, clothing or other paraphernalia can set it up to share. 

Battle of the Bulge shoot - This event is held as close as possible to December 16th.  It's not a formal match, but a social gathering and time to "send a few shots downrange."  The woodstove in the range shack will be lit. As with the D Day match, this is a good time to share/display period memorabilia and remember some important history.  

This is a new page as of June 2024. More events will be coming ...

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