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How to get work done at the Itasca Gun Club

Itasca Gun Club is a 100% volunteer non profit organization.  When something needs to be done, it is not done by “the club,” it’s done by individual people who volunteer.  If you find yourself thinking that “they” should do something, please reconsider and think about what you could do to make it happen.  If you see something that needs to be done, don’t complain about it, offer up a solution and be willing to ask for a work day so the problem can be solved.  We need people with ideas, who are willing to solve problems.  We need people who will figure out what can be done, plan out that project and lead the effort.  Lay out the project parameters:

Project Name

Task list

Outcomes – what will the result look like when the project is finished?

Skill sets needed

Tools required

Materials required

Proposed number of volunteers

Duration of project, span more than one session?

If you can define a work project, contact one of the club officers, or just click "Contact Webmaster" at the bottom of this page.  We can help lay out a project, purchase materials, put out a call for volunteers to participate, schedule the time, and reserve the range if needed.

This is your club.  Help make it better by volunteering.

Example project Slideshows

2014 crew assembling covered shooting points on firing line

Jobs to be done

One time tasks

Get the clubhouse ready to move (2020)

-Remove all the furniture, haul it to the new range, and pack it into the storage trailer.

-Disconnect wiring and plumbing.

-Remove all the furnishings, supplies, stuff from the walls, and move those too.

Seal off the indoor range when the clubhouse is gone (2020)

-Once the clubhouse has been separated from the indoor range, we need to build an exterior wall to close up the range so it can be used through the winter of 2019-20.  It used to be a separate building, so the heating and electrical components are already in place.

-Carpentry, insulating, basic construction

Make the clubhouse usable at the new range (2020)

-Wiring, plumbing, other construction details

-The building will be powered by a generator in the short term

-Repair of any moving damage

-Move furniture, supplies and furnishings back in

-Have a cup of coffee

Paint the Conex trailer so the brand name is covered

-Sandblasting, priming, painting

-Compressor, paint guns, ladders, paint, breathing devices, eye protection

Move the chronograph mounting device box to the new range so members can use chronographs

-A few people, a pickup, maybe some minor carpentry

Repeated/ongoing tasks

Target frame repair

-There's a regular need to repair shot-up 2x4's that make up the target frames.

-Backer board for targets needs to be regularly replaced

Weld damage to metal targets

-These get shot up accidentally, and by some people, intentionally

-Chains and stands need to be repaired by welding

Mow and weed whip the ranges

-The club does own a rider mower

-The walking trail for DNR Hunter Safety classes needs to be brushed and mowed as it grows in

Spread wood chips from the pile to the walkways as needed

-As the walkways get slippery, more chips need to be spread

Picking rocks

-Shooting exposes rocks over time, and these need to be moved away from the berms to avoid ricochets. 

Snow plowing

Replace rubber in the indoor range, and clean the bullet traps.

Repair target carts, cables and controls in the indoor range.

Smelt and cast lead from recovered bullets for sale.

-This is usually done during Sight in Days

Sort brass for sale.

-Collect brass from the brass dump box at the range, and sort by caliber.  Lead and brass sales are one of the sources for funding our youth programs. 

Contact Steve at spbevets@hotmail.com with questions, ideas and offers to take on a task.

ANY volunteer work done on ranges, buildings and work completed running programs should be logged.  Your volunteer time can help us get approved for grants.  Your hours spent are classed as "in kind" hours.  Some of the grants we apply for require us to put up a matching value.  For the purpose of these grant proposals, we can summarize in kind hours at a rate of $25 per hour.  Each hundred hours of in kind work is worth $2,500 on a grant proposal.  Use the form below when you are working on a project or program, and send in the completed form to the Club IT Officer.

Itasca Gun Club Volunteer Hours - Time Log

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