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100 Year Old Rifle Fun Match

  • 08/16/2016
  • 7:00 PM
  • New Outdoor Range

100 Year Old Rifle Fun Match


Itasca Gun Club will hold a "100 year old rifle" fun match on Tuesday July 19th, at 7:00 PM, at the new outdoor range.  Rifles must actually be over 100 years old, not just a replica of an old rifle.  The rifles can be any caliber, from any country of origin.  Iron sights only.  Up to 5 sighting shots are allowed, targets will be NRA SR-1.


The 100 yard course of fire includes:

5 shots, any position.  Bench rest and bags may be used.

5 shots, standing position.  Cross sticks and slings are allowed.

Total of 10 shots for record, most bullseyes wins bragging rights and a small prize.


Targets are $1.00 each.

You supply your own ammo.

Itasca Gun Club has shooting mats and spotting scopes.

Contact Richard Karpik, (218) 326-4928 or rpkarpik@gmail.com

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