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Combination will be changed at the Outdoor Range

  • 03/11/2020
  • 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • New Range 28716 Prairie Lake Road, P.O. Box 201, Grand Rapids, MN 55744.

The combination on the range padlock will be changed on Wednesday March 11th.  Those of you who have already paid your 2020 membership dues can expect membership cards in the mail by then.  The new combination will be printed on the cards.  If you’ve not paid dues yet you can do so by:

  •        Paying online at our membership page.
  •        Mailing a payment to the gun club at PO Box 201, Grand Rapids, 55744. 
  •        Stop by Glen’s Army Navy store and pay there

Paying early in the year means you will receive your membership card in a bulk mailing.  Waiting to pay dues delays the receipt of your membership card.

If you have questions about your membership status, you can call the club cell phone at (218) 256-9431.

The range remains accessible, and it looks like a great weekend to get some target time in!  The pistol range has been cleared up by Sentence to Serve crews in preparation for use by the Sheriff department later this month.  There are icy spots on the road and in parking areas, so please be careful.

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