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Ladies Night at the Indoor Range

  • 09/17/2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • IGC Clubhouse, 28006 Arbo Rd, Grand Rapids

Ladies Night at the Indoor Range

This is an informal event, for women who want to learn more about handling and shooting handguns.  It begins at 6 PM, and you can stay and shoot until 8 PM.  

The cost is $2.50 per night, the same fee as all other indoor range use.  

The first night on September 10th will be an open forum – we’ll discuss what we want to talk about in future sessions, so bring ideas for questions, topics and potential training interests.  After discussions, we can move to the range and do some shooting.  

Bring a handgun you’d like to shoot and as much ammunition as you'd like to shoot.  Contact Kim if you need to borrow a pistol or if you have any questions.

Bring shooting glasses and ear protection (muffs), as the club cannot share equipment right now.  The club does supply free disposable foam earplugs. 

Bring a face mask.

Contact Kim Montague at (218) 244-7921

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