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  • Service Rifle Match - rifle range closed for this monthly event - range closed at 2, match begins at 3

Service Rifle Match - rifle range closed for this monthly event - range closed at 2, match begins at 3

  • 04/28/2021
  • 09/21/2021
  • 6 sessions
  • 04/28/2021, 2:00 PM 4:30 PM (CDT)
  • 05/18/2021, 2:00 PM 4:30 PM (CDT)
  • 06/15/2021, 2:00 PM 4:30 PM (CDT)
  • 07/20/2021, 2:00 PM 4:30 PM (CDT)
  • 08/17/2021, 2:00 PM 4:30 PM (CDT)
  • 09/21/2021, 2:00 PM 4:30 PM (CDT)
  • 28716 Prairie Lake Road, Grand Rapids MN 55744

          Location:   Itasca Gun Club Outdoor Rifle Range  

IGC Service Rifle Match 

Location:  The New Itasca Outdoor Range 

Time:    SERVICE RIFLE Match #1   @ 3:00PM Sharp

            100 Year Old Rifle Match  @ 4:30PM

            SERVICE RIFLE MATCH #2  @  5:30PM


  With the Stay Safe Guidelines there are limited shooting lanes available. With the spacing required we will have 8 shooting lanes available.


Course of Fire Service Rifle  

40 shots for record/400 points

10 rounds slow prone w/5 sighters (total 15 rounds)

Rapid Prone/10 Rounds. (Magazine/Enbloc change)

Rapid Sitting or Kneeling/10 Rounds. (Magazine/Enbloc change)

Standing/10 rounds, no support, no sling.

NRA Target:  SR-1 with SR-1C repair centers


Course of Fire for the 100 Year Old Rifle: 10 rounds, Iron Sights, Target SR-C @ 200 yards

5 rounds any position including bench rest/ 5 shots Standing unsupported/no sling



Rifles: Any Service Rifle any Country with Iron Sights or up to 4.5 X scope.


Ammo/Equipment: Bring your own Ammo, Spotting scope, Shooting Mat, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Staple Gun/Staples, Pencil, Water, Lawn Chair


Fees:  Flat Rate $5.00 for 1 Match or all 3..... Correct Change Required




1.) Upon arrival first report directly to the Range Safety Officer (RSO) for instructions.


2.) Shooters will have correct change, still one flat fee of $5.00.


3.) Shooters will supply their own eye protection, hearing protection, spotting scope, shooting mats, stapler/staples for putting up their own targets and pencil for scoring.  Bring your own ammo as no ammo will be available for purchase.


4.)  Each shooter will be assigned their own sanitized paster box and clipboard. Please keep track of your assigned items.


5.)  No equipment sharing unless you live under the same roof.


6.)  Shooters with any kind of cold or flu symptoms must cancel.


7.)  Shooters are asked to supply their own hand sanitizer or wipes for their use.


8.)  Everyone is asked to keep 6 feet from each other.  To assist with this, all shooting lanes will not be utilized in order to help maintain the 6 feet distancing.


9.)  The RSO's main objective is FIREARM SAFETY.  If you have any issues with the RSO having to physically intervene for a firearm safety issue, then we ask that you do not participate. 


10.)  All shooters are personally responsible for their own Covid-19 management.  If you chose to wear your own mask or gloves that is perfectly acceptable if it does not create a firearm safety risk.


11.)  The Range Safety Officer will prioritize Firearm Safety, not virus safety.


Hope to see you there,

Richard Karpik, Range Safety Officer

218 349 3341



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New Range Address - 28716 Prairie Lake Road, Grand Rapids, 55744

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