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  • 100-Year-Old Rifle Match. This match begins at 4:30.

100-Year-Old Rifle Match. This match begins at 4:30.

  • 06/11/2024
  • 4:30 PM
  • 28716 Prairie Lake Road, Grand Rapids MN 55744

          Location:   Itasca Gun Club Outdoor Rifle Range  

100 Year Old Rifle Match


Location:  The New Itasca Gun Club Outdoor Range 

Time: The match begins at 4:30 PM

We hold monthly matches May through October for 100 year old rifles.  They can be any kind of rifle, but they must have been manufactured at least 100 years ago.  Modern replicas of old rifles do not qualify.  That means that any rifle built before 1924

is eligible.


IGC does not have any loaners for this match, so you compete with your own rifle, ammunition, equipment.


Time: 4:30 PM sharp @ IGC Outdoor Range on the second Tuesday of every month.  (October exception = the first Tuesday in October). This match fits between two Service Rifle matches, so please be on time. Distance: 200 yards. 


Targets:  An SR-C Repair center with a white backer 48"x48"


Target size 24"X24" w/13" Black 9, 10 and X are in Black


White rings: 8 ring and most of the 7 ring


​Course of Fire​:

5 Shots any position - Prone, Bench Rest​, Sitting, Kneeling, Cross Sticks Allowed

​5 Shots Standing / Off Hand, no support

Check the Calendar to see all shooting events.


This is a loose competition between people, it is treated as a match, but it's really about you, and improving your skills


These matches are open to the public.  You are welcome to come out and simply watch. We have competitors from all over the Northland. The Matches are open to anyone interested, and everyone is welcome.  Check the calendar on this site for contact information if you have questions or want to try Service Rifle shooting and need to borrow a rifle.  Show up and join in. 


Spotting scopes are NOT provided.  Shooting pads to soften the ground are NOT provided. 

Hope to see you there,

Richard Karpik, Range Safety Officer

218 349 3341



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