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Club cell phone (218) 256-9431, club email igcclubaccount@yahoo.com


For updates on range closures and available shooting programs, please check the Calendar.  Updates to the calendar occur at night, so checking mornings is the best bet. 

Outdoor Ranges will Open Thursday afternoon, May 5th



The road, parking areas and walking areas are drying out.  Club volunteers will be busy dragging and grading the road and parking areas Thursday morning May 5th.  The rifle and pistol ranges will open when that work is complete, which should be noon.  Drive gently out there, and do not drive down into the infield.  If you need to drive to a target line, stay up on the access road and walk down to your chosen target line.  Keep in mind that the range will open because volunteers are donating their time to the club to make it happen.

Some of the target frames and backers are pretty shot up, so share frames as needed until we can get a workday scheduled for maintenance and repair.  And think ahead to making yourself available when we schedule and broadcast a range workday.  It's mostly simple carpentry and lawn-care type tasks.

And if you're behind on paying your club dues, you'll need to do that to bring your membership up to date and get the combination to the range padlock.  You can join up on the same day by renewing at Glen's Army Navy store or use our membership page to pay online or send a check to our PO box.

Winter Indoor Shooting Programs Are Winding Down

Pistols and Coffee   This is general use of the indoor, available to all, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  A Range Safety Officer will be on site.  This is also a social event, with a bottomless cup of coffee.  The doors open at 8:30, and close at 1:00 PM.  Come and do some shooting on one of our seven lanes, come with questions or discussion topics.  If you want to ask questions, on a normal day there will be people there with a combined total of over 100 years of knowledge about shooting, firearms, ammunition, technique and skills.  $2.50 per day or $20.00 for a season pass.  Programs like this happen because volunteers are willing to give their time to support club functions.  More info at Pistols and Coffee

.22 Bullseye League 

.45 Bullseye League 

Monday Night Open Range   

The Youth Rifle Team 

The indoor range/classroom is located at the intersection of Itasca County 61 and Itasca County 325.  For phone mapping, use 28006 Arbo Rd, Grand Rapids. 

Hunter Sight In Days 

This annual event is over for 2021.  We helped people sight in 702 firearms this year.  At $3 per gun, we earned $2,106 in 2021.  Normally we handle over 1,000 guns, but people who came to use our service were clear that ammunition availability was a big factor.  Some folks had a single box of 20 rounds - they sighted in their rifle, but made sure they saved a few rounds for hunting.  A huge thank you to all the club volunteers who gave up some of their time to make this event happen!  

The raffle winners this year were:

#1, Mike Schagh, Mossberg bolt gun in 243
#2, Mitch Chrzanowski, Rossi Lever 22
#3, Eric Barta , Taurus G2C 9mm
#4, Rich Allen, Burris Fullfield scope
#5, Tom Fransen, Vortex 10X42 binoculars
#6, Dana Borchardt, hunting knife

Summer Shooting Programs are Over

Itasca Action PistolService Rifle100 Year Old RifleMini Palma matches and other outdoor events will begin again in May 2022.  Indoor events will be gearing up shortly, typically in November.  These shooting programs are open to the public as well as members.  These are not league events, so you can show up once or twice to any event, watch, participate, ask questions, and decide if it's something you want to do regularly. 

The outdoor rifle and pistol ranges remain open year-round for club members.  Before driving to the range, check the calendar in the morning to make sure there are no events or reservations scheduled.

Range Development

We will continue to develop and improve the range, as we get grants to provide funding.  We need help finding grants so we can apply for them.  You can always click the "Contact Webmaster" link at the bottom of every page on this site if you know of a possible grant source.

In April, a powerline right of way was cut from the road to the site of the future clubhouse and indoor range, and we will get poles and lines installed so that we're ready when we move the clubhouse.  Now we are working on a grant application to run the power to our future buildings.

Slideshow, range development work under a 2020 grant from the NRA foundation and the Itasca Chapter of the Friends of the NRA.


It's a good time to Join the Itasca Gun Club

It's a good time to join or renew your membership in the Itasca Gun Club. You can join Itasca Gun Club for only $30 a year, $18 for seniors, as a family membership.  That's a terrific price for year round family use of a range.  Check our Membership page.

It's a good time to Join the NRA

Join the NRA through the Itasca Gun Club.  Good representation of gun owners is important in today's political climate.

Join the NRA, or renew your membership through the Itasca Gun Club, and NRA will credit the club with a commission.  See our NRA Recruiter page.  Club members and anyone else can use this feature to save a little and bring a commission to the club.  Joining the NRA adds to the strength of the voice of gun owners on a national and local level.

And, you get a free hat!         

Outdoor Range Rules

The outdoor range hours are 08:00 until 1/2 hour before sunset.  People live in the area, and we want to remain good neighbors by not making noise too early or too late.  Tannerite and similar explosive targets are banned at this range due to insurance requirements.  Be careful driving out to the range in the winter or muddy periods.  Don't exceed safe speeds for the existing road conditions.  Do NOT shoot at rocks or target frames.  Rocks create ricochets.  If you damage the frames or target holders, volunteers have to spend the time and money to repair them for all range users.  Do NOT drive down into the infield area to put up targets.  Drive and park on the road, then walk down to the target lies you're using.  Be a responsible range user. 

While the range is open to members, please check the club calendar before you head out to make sure that the range is not temporarily closed for construction, training or scheduled shooting events.

Want to Join or Renew Your Membership?

Information on joining or renewing is on our Membership Page


Looking for a Pistol Carry Permit Class?


Certified Itasca Gun Club Instructors teach Minnesota Carry Permit Classes at least once a month at our indoor range and classroom. The cost is typically $75 for a one day class that meets all the requirements of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.  Check our Calendar for class dates and times.  Information about carry permits is on the same page as the classes.  Here's more information on Minnesota and Florida Carry Permits.

Itasca Gun Club Affiliations

National Rifle Association

US Civilian Marksmanship Program

National Shooting Sports Foundation

US Shooting Association 


Who Are We? 


The Itasca Gun Club of Grand Rapids, Minnesota is an all-volunteer, 501(c)4 non-profit corporation. Our facilities include a clubhouse/classroom that can seat up to fifty, an indoor pistol and smallbore range, and outdoor rifle and pistol ranges.  We host a number of types of classes - click the Calendar tab above to see upcoming events or change the calendar to a "list" view.

  • Adult Permit to Carry
  • Women-Only Permit to Carry
  • MN DNR Youth Firearms Safety
  • MN DNR Adult Firearms Safety (not for carry permits)
  • Mother-Daughter MN Youth Firearms Safety
  • Train the Trainer for Youth Firearms Safety
  • Train the Trainer for Adult Permit to Carry

The club has relocated to a new site about a mile away from the old range.  The new outdoor range include a pistol range and a 300 yard rifle range. Plans include adding another pistol range, a smallbore range, and eventually a 1,000 yard rifle range.  The indoor range at the original site remains open in 2020.


MN DNR Firearms Safety for Youth

Firearms Safety Certification for Adults (not for carry permits)

Hunter Safety Certificate Requirements for Other States

Mentoring the Young Hunter

Range Relocation Info
Please check the "Range Relocation" tab above for maps, layouts and information on range design and construction.


Club Activities Info


Click the "Calendar" tab above to view the full list of upcoming events.  You can choose to see it as a list or as a calendar.

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Mailing Address - PO Box 201, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Clubhouse / Training Classroom Address - 10000 Arbo Road, Grand Rapids, 55744

New Range Address - 28716 Prairie Lake Road, Grand Rapids, 55744

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