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For updates on range closures, please check the Calendar.  Updates to the calendar occur at night, so checking mornings is the best bet. 

IGC's outdoor range is open

Governor Walz's Executive Order 20-38 allows Minnesota outdoor gun ranges to open as of Saturday April 18th.  The order does not open ranges, but allows ranges to open so that individuals may engage in outdoor activities including using outdoor shooting ranges.  Ranges must be able to support 6 foot distancing between members of differing households, and proper sanitizing of the facility. Any use of outdoor facilities must be done in accordance with Minnesota's Guidelines for Outdoor Recreational Facilities.

You can read more details on our new COVID page.

For now, most indoor use of Itasca Gun Club including meetings and shooting events are canceled.  The MN DNR has shut down youth firearm safety classes, snowmobile classes and others.

Permit to Carry Handgun Classes are Starting

As of June 1, we are able to teach indoor Permit to Carry classes where the total number of people does not exceed 10, counting instructors and students. Check the Calendar to find a class that works for you, and contact the instructor. Here's our detailed COVID-19 Management Plan, describing procedures and methods for teaching classes in the COVID-19 era. Students as well as instructors must abide by this plan.

Summer Shooting Programs are Open

Our summer shooting programs are open, to members and to the public. Itasca Action Pistol matches are every Thursday night, Service Rifle (High-power matches) & 100 year old rifle matches are held the third Tuesday of each month and 3 Gun matches are scheduled monthly on Saturdays. Check the Calendar for more information.  Click the calendar entry for any event, and you'll find more information and a contact person for your questions. 

Itasca Action Pistol    

Service Rifle     

3 Gun     

Join the NRA, or renew your membership through the Itasca Gun Club, and NRA will credit the club with a commission.  See our NRA Recruiter page.  Club members and anyone else can use this feature to save a little and bring a commission to the club.  Joining the NRA adds to the strength of the voice of gun owners on a national and local level.

And, you get a free hat!         

Other Information

Handgun carry permit classes are taught twice a month by Certified Itasca Gun Club instructors.  Check the Calendar for dates and information.  

You can join Itasca Gun Club for only $30 a year, $18 for seniors, as a family membership.

The outdoor range hours are 08:00 until 1/2 hour before sunset.  People live in the area, and we want to remain good neighbors by not making noise too early or too late.  Tannerite and similar explosive targets are banned at this range, due to insurance requirements.  Be careful driving out to the range in the winter or muddy periods.  Don't exceed safe speeds for the existing road conditions.  Do NOT shoot at rocks or target frames.  Rocks create ricochets, and people build the target frames for your use.  If you damage the frames or target holders, someone has to spend the time and cost to repair them.  Be a responsible range user. 


There are multiple slide shows of range construction efforts on the "Range Relocation" tab above.  There's a new slide show as of Oct 17 2016 here.

While the range is open to members, please check the club calendar before you head out to make sure that the range is not temporarily closed for construction, training or scheduled shooting events.

Want to Join or Renew Your Membership?

Information on joining or renewing is on our Membership Page


Looking for a Pistol Carry Permit Class?


Certified Itasca Gun Club Instructors teach Minnesota Carry Permit Classes at least once a month at our indoor range and classroom. The cost is typically $75 for a one day class that meets all the requirements of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.  Check our Calendar for class dates and times.  Information about carry permits is on the same page as the classes.  Here's more information on Minnesota and Florida Carry Permits.

Looking for Fun Long Range Shooting?

We have built and placed the new 300 yard steel gong. It is 28” across and constructed of AR500 armor grade steel.  It will easily withstand 30-06 armor piercing at 50 yards so it should last a long time at 300 yard line! Conley Janssen and Grant Janssen built and assembled it, with Grant doing some of the final welding so he earned first “GONG”!  He put two shots in a 2 inch spotter with his custom 300RUM Remington 700 and Burris F class scope.  It rings very nice!  Gong Slideshow


Who Are We? 


The Itasca Gun Club of Grand Rapids, Minnesota is an all-volunteer, 501(c)4 non-profit corporation. Our facilities include a clubhouse/classroom that can seat up to fifty, an indoor pistol and smallbore range, and outdoor rifle and pistol ranges.  We host a number of types of classes - click the Calendar tab above to see upcoming events or change the calendar to a "list" view.

  • Adult Permit to Carry
  • Women-Only Permit to Carry
  • MN DNR Youth Firearms Safety
  • MN DNR Adult Firearms Safety (not for carry permits)
  • Mother-Daughter MN Youth Firearms Safety
  • Train the Trainer for Youth Firearms Safety
  • Train the Trainer for Adult Permit to Carry

The club has relocated to a new site about a mile away from the old range.  The new outdoor range include a pistol range and a 300 yard rifle range. Plans include adding another pistol range, a smallbore range, and eventually a 1,000 yard rifle range.  The indoor range at the original site remains open in 2020.


MN DNR Firearms Safety for Youth

Firearms Safety Certification for Adults (not for carry permits)

Hunter Safety Certificate Requirements for Other States

Mentoring the Young Hunter

Range Relocation Info
Please check the "Range Relocation" tab above for maps, layouts and information on range design and construction.


Club Activities Info


Click the "Calendar" tab above to view the full list of upcoming events.  You can choose to see it as a list or as a calendar.

Upcoming events

08/13/2020 3:30 PM • New Range 28716 Prairie Lake Road, P.O. Box 201, Grand Rapids, MN 55744.
08/18/2020 2:00 PM • 28716 Prairie Lake Road, Grand Rapids MN 55744
08/18/2020 4:30 PM • 28716 Prairie Lake Road, Grand Rapids MN 55744
08/18/2020 5:30 PM • 28716 Prairie Lake Road, Grand Rapids MN 55744
  • 04/17/2020 1:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Itasca Gun Club and others have petitioned the governor, through our local elected officials, to allow outdoor ranges to re-open.  Minnesota Executive Order 20-38 allows outdoor ranges to re-open.  Officially, that can occur as of Saturday morning, April 18th.  But the Itasca Gun Club has an obligation to make sure that the range is ready for social distancing and the capability to sanitize things that get touched - handles, benches and the like.  The gate is locked until we are ready, using a different combination than normal.

  • 12/20/2019 3:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    There is no regular meeting in December due to the holidays.  The IGC Annual Meeting is coming up in January, on Saturday the 18th at Sugar Lake Lodge.   There will be a social hour beginning at 4:30, an Italian buffet dinner, and a short business meeting.  Then we’ll elect officers for 2020 – we’re looking for a candidate for Vice President, and nominations are open.  You can respond to this email with questions.  And, there will be awards,  the annual raffle for three firearms, and a surprising amount of door prizes.  Informational / reservation  cards will be mailed out to members soon. 

  • 12/20/2019 3:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    There’s a nice weekend coming up, and the outdoor range is open.  Four people have volunteered to plow if they are able to as storms hit.  Right now (December 20) the road into the range is plowed, as are the pistol and rifle range parking lots, and the road out to the 300 yard line.  Member Dan Oberg did this plowing job, and there was one volunteer plowing job completed earlier.

    Plowing the range is a lot of work.  If you like to use the outdoor range in the winter, consider making a donation to our plowing fund.  You can find the donate button on our donations page, or click Donate here.  So far there has been $160 donated for plowing this winter.  The club has already matched this, and is willing to match additional donations so that the volunteer plow folks can recover some of their costs.   You can click the donate button, and choose where you would like to direct your donation.  Donation options include snowplowing, youth programs, building fund, range maintenance and general donations.

    If you use the range in the winter, please be careful on that winding road!

    If you choose to make a donation, or are ready to keep up on your membership dues, we are no longer using PayPal.  You will see that the new payment system is AffiniPay, and is integrated with our main software.

  • 04/16/2019 5:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    May brings the start of all the summer shooting program options at the Itasca Gun Club.  These are open to members and the public.  Check out the calendar on this page to find options you might be interested in.

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